dilluns, 19 de febrer de 2018

Video Mans Unides, Festival de Clipmetratges

We are Jordi Puig and Julian Fuentes and we are taking part in the "Festival de Clipmetratges de Mans Unides". For this project we have made a video developing the topic "Mans Unides" proposed. This year the issue is hungry and poverty all around the world.
Our video is about two guys, one is poor, and the other is rich. We see them waking up from the bed. They are preparing breakfast but the poor guy only has a glass of  milk and the rich guy has an orange juice, a crepe and a banana. This guy just eats the crepe and drinks the orange juice because the banana is a bit too ripe and he throws it to the trash. The poor guy only drinks his milk and the rich has a good breakfast.

We see that the rich is wasting food and this poor guy needs it. This is the message of the video:

 “Only YOU can change this world. Don’t waste food. Somebody else needs it".



Curtmetratge "Mans Unides"


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